#129 - Fluttering in the wind.

Harada Maha

#129 原田マハ『たゆたえども沈まず』



  • 原田マハ  はらだまは Harada Maha (author, 1962-)

  • 耳もと   みみもと  (near one’s) ear

  • 騒がしい  さわがしい noisy, rowdy, boisterous

  • 暴れる   あばれる  to rage, to rampage

  • 埃     ほこり   dust

  • 舞い上がる まいあがる to fly up, to whirl up

  • 小径    しょうけい small path (may also be read as こみち)

  • 影     かげ    shadow

  • 麻     あさ    linen, hemp

  • 揺れ動く  ゆれうごく to sway, to flutter


The wind is raging noisily at his ears. His short shadow is cast clearly on the small path, dust flying up in the air. Only the linen jacket he held in his hand swayed in the wind.

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